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Let’s Face it, competing is expensive. You’ve paid for a coach, suit, entry fees, make up & hair, jewelry, shoes and all the food and supplements to get you to that stage. Getting an airbrush tan looks great, but can really get pricey. I’ve learned how to save money and do my own tanning. It looks just as good and you can do it on your own schedule. Here is a step by step guide to get an amazing tan for a fraction of the price.

shapeimage_2-1What you need: 

  • exfoliant and lotion
  • Tanning products – I have had good results using pro tan products, however you can get good results using Jan Tana as well. (it may be a good idea to see which company is sponsoring the show and use their products so you will be the same color as most of the people on stage) You will need the overnight competition color 1 bottle per show to be safe. It requires a few coats. This product takes time to develop.
  • Bikini bronze is the dark color you put on the morning of the show. Its super dark but washes off.
  • Car wax pads from the autobody shop (I found this one at Napa Auto Parts) or taget. I found one with a velcro handle which works great. You’ll need a few of these. If you don’t have someone to help you reach your whole back, you can get a back scrubber and attach the pad to the handle.
  • a few pairs of gloves to keep your hands clean
  • For show day you will also need Bikini Bite and Some posing oil. These last a long time so you can use them for several shows.
  • If you travel for you show, you’ll need to bring sheets and towels. Hotels charge if you stain their sheets.

How to:

To prep the skin start using exfoliant and lotion before the tanning process begins. start scrubbing and moisturizing regularly at 1 week out. Pay extra attention to knees and elbows.

If you tan in a tanning bed stop using the beds on Wednesday before your show (if judging takes place on Saturday) You do not need to bother using spray tans either. the tanning products are dark enough and you don’t want to mix products.

You will need to shave your whole body a few times starting a few days before the show. Even peach fuzz can make the tan look muddy. I don’t recommend waxing, it can make the tan blotchy. Try not to shave right before applying the tan, it stings.

If your show is on saturday, you can start with your first coat on thursday night. You can shower this off friday morning. Do 2-3 coats on friday (using the overnight competition color) and use the bikini bronze only on the morning of the show.

I always start with my back since its harder to get to and work my way from top to bottom using circular motions. Do not tan your face!!!! Just tan up to your collar bone and gradually fade it up your neck. You can blend it out with your make-up. do not tan hands and feet until the very last coat. they don’t need to be super dark, it looks funny. Keep the coats pretty thin and apply as many as you need to get to the right darkness. If it looks bad, blotchy, or you mess it up, rinse and do a few more coats. Don’t get dressed right away. Let each coat dry before dressing. Wear dark lose fitting clothes and try not to sweat.

Its best to apply the coats at least 4 hours apart. *deodorant turns green so make sure your skin is clear of everything once you start tanning. Keep you skin protected any water that gets on you will make a mark. Be careful when you go to the bathroom not to drip, and wipe down the toilet seat every time you sit down to make sure there is no water on the seat.

Once you are tanned and ready to go, at the show before you go on stage, you will use the bikini bite to glue your suit securely before you glaze. If you glaze yourself use gloves to keep hands clean.

If you have a two day show after the first day you can shower with out using soap gently in water that is not too hot.Do not shave. Pat yourself dry. The next day you can re-apply the bikini bronze.

A lot of competitors plan back to back shows. If your shows are back to back weeks. After your first show rinse of the tan gently do not scrub. apply moisturizer so the tan just fades evenly and not blotchy. then Repeat the tanning process as you did on the first week.

When I’m not competing and just planning a photo shoot. I will use the overnight competition color the night before and rinse it off the morning of the shoot.

You’ve worked so hard and now you can save some money by doing your own contest tan and still bring the total package to the stage! Happy tanning!!

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