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Tracking workouts is a great tool to see how you are improving, and a great way to stay motivated. in order to make it easy to track and create your own workouts I made a FREE template for you!

Plan your workouts in advance and write in the exercises you plan to complete for a given day. Then write in the number of sets and the target reps.

During the workout record the number of actual reps completed, and what weight you used.

Finally there is a space to make a note of the rest between sets.

After the workout is complete, take note of the total duration of the workout and how you felt pre and post, and there is space for any other important notes for the day.

At the end of each weeks log there is a space for you to track you'r weekly cardio sessions.

Keeping records like this may make it easy to find what works best for you as well as keeping you focused on the workout. Seeing improvements is a great way to keep that motivation level at its peak!

Happy Lifting!


Ap Fit Workout log

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