Playlist of the Week – 34

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Each week I create a new playlist for my spin class. Use this music to guide you through a cardio session with my cues or use if for your next lifting session. Playlists are between 45-60 minutes. *Notes are for spin class workout

From Class Thursday 6/1/17
48 minutes
1.Shooting Star (David Rush) - Before Class
2. A Little Less Conversation (Elvis Presley) - Warm up
3. Ooh La La (Goldfrap) - Up, easy Climb
4. Where Them Girls At (David Guetta) - Sprints
5. Wasted (Tiesto) - Hills, with Isolations
6. Duality (Slipknot) - Sprints with resistance out of the saddle
7. Counting Stars (One Republic) - Recover at the beginning, Take it up
8. Kids Ain't All Right (Grace Mitchell) -Seated climb
9. If I Can't Have You (Kelly Clarkson) - Jumps (forward, forward, back, back)
10. It's My Life  (Bon Jovi) - Climb
11. Cool For The Summer-Jump Smokers Remix (Demi Lovato) - Hills
12. Day Tripper (The Beatles)- Recovery
13.Heavy (Lincoln Park & Kiara) - Cool down/Stretch

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