Playlist of the Week – Spin 23

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Each week I create a new playlist for my spin class. Use this music to guide you through a cardio session with my cues or use if for your next lifting session. Playlists are between 45-60 minutes. *Notes are for spin class workout

From Class Tuesday 9/19/17

47 minutes

Hello Good Morning ( Diddy - Dirty Money & T.I.) - warm up
Where Have You Been (Rihanna) - warm up increase resistance/intensity
Break Free (Ariana Grande) - Sprints
Bawitdaba, Lower Than You Remix (Kid Rock) - Heavy Climb
Clap Snap (Icona Pop) - Sprints
Whoomp! There it is (Tag Team) - Climb
Seether (Veruca Salt) - Hills
Gentleman (PSY) - Sprints
Im On A Roll (Stephano) - Jumps (forward, forward, back, back)
Animal I have Become (Three Days Grace) - Heavy Climb/push on chorus
Burnin’ Up (Jessie J) - Steady/ Recovery
Last Resort (Papa Roach) - Hills
Roses (Chainsmokers) - Cool down/ Stretch

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