Playlist of the Week- Spin Class 29

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Each week I create a new playlist for my spin class. Use this music to guide you through a cardio session with my cues or use if for your next lifting session. Playlists are between 45-60 minutes. *Notes are for spin class workout

48 minutes
1.We Will Rock You (Vitamin String Quartet) - warm up
2.Hey Ya! (Outkast) - warm up with increased resistance
3. Out of Control (Hoobastank) - Sprints
4. How You Like Me Now (The Heavy) - Climb
5. Bodies (Drowning Pool) -Climbing sprints

6. Whats That You Say (Sprung Monkey) - Jumps (forward, forward, back, back)
7. Little Sister (Queens of The Stone Age) - Hills
8. Timber (Pitbull) - Recovery
9.GO! (Santigold) - easy climb push on chorus
10. Du Hast (Rammstein) - Heavy Push on Chorus
11. Let's Go (Trick Daddy get. Big D & Twista) - Single arms heavy up
12. Break the Rules (Teisto Remix - Charli XCX)- Hills
13. Cookie Jar (Gym Class Heroes) - Recovery
14. I Know What You Did Last Summer (Shawn Mendez & camila Cabello) - Cool down/stretch

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