What’s Your Super Bowl Game Plan?

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Try this for a super healthy game day treat

Try this dish for a super healthy game day treat!

If you’re one of the few who has actually stuck to your New Year’s resolution of getting fit then you must have  plan in place for the big game. Of course, we have to have one of the biggest food days of the year just a month after the world decides to go on a major diet.  Hungry people and tons of unhealthy snacks…Well, that’s a recipe for disaster. Stick to my game plan, and be the hero of the day by bringing some healthy snacks to the party.


Game Day Veggie Nachos

This is a super easy, not really have to cook anything, recipe.  Multiply the ingredients depending on how many people you need to feed. I made this plate up and ate the whole thing myself! Ok, so maybe is is just a fancy crudités, but hey, it sure is tasty and super healthy. So, camp out next to it to avoid mindlessly snacking on the bad stuff, or just make it for lunch like me.  The entire plate of “Nachos” is only 330 calories, 49g protein, 24g, carbs, 4g fat, and 5g fiber. (I used a 4oz. portion of chicken breast for a single serving) Compare that with a real plate of nachos and you’re looking at a significant difference.  Choose any lean meat for a topping like, extra lean ground turkey, shredded chicken, lean steak, whatever you like. You’ll get a good healthy serving of protein and you have some wiggle room since we are skipping the chips. My veggie “chips” make each bite unique and refreshing.

Ingredients: Use more veggies for a large group

For the “chips”:

1 English cucumber, sliced on a bias

1 medium zucchini, sliced on a bias

1 medium carrot, sliced on a bias

2 bell peppers, sliced

For the toppings:

1 lb. extra lean ground turkey (or favorite lean meat)

1 taco seasoning packet

shredded fat free or low fat cheese

good quality pico de gallo style salsa

shredded lettuce

nonfat greek yogurt

guacamole or avocado

sliced scallions and jalapeños for garnish


Brown your meat and cook per the taco seasoning packet instructions. Choose whatever brand you like, or make your own mix. This recipe is meant to be quick and easy. Prepare your veggies while the meat is cooking.  Arrange on a platter and top the veggies with the topping ingredients. I started with salsa, meat & cheese, then topped with lettuce, then the yogurt & guac., and lastly the garnish. Viola, Happy healthy friends who won’t curse you come Monday.




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