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San Diego, CA

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Contest History

Here is a brief timeline of my competition experience.

  • 2007
  • 1 Jan 07

    Border States Classic Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

    My first show ever! Figure: Class D (5th)

  • 2008
  • 1 Jan 08

    San Jose Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure Figure: Class D (1st)   Second show and won my class

    Figure: Class D (1st)   Second show and won my class

  • 10 Jul 08

    Los Angeles Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships

    Figure: Class E (1st) Won 2 shows back to back! I was on a roll! My suit almost broke right as I was walking on stage. I was literally pinning it in place as I walked out.

  • 24 Jan 08

    North American Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

    Figure: Class E (15th) My first National show. A whole new ballgame! After grueling travel got sick and had a fever on show day! :(

  • 2009
  • 1 Jan 09

    Los Angeles

    Figure: Class E (2nd) Made a lot of improvements from the previous year.

  • 3 Jan 09

    USA Championships

    Figure: Class E (7th) So happy to make the top 10!

  • 2011
  • 1 Jan 11

    NPC Cal State

    Figure: Class E (7th) First show back after having daughter #2

  • 2 Jan 11

    NPC Southern California

    Figure : Class E (1st) Made some improvements and my placing showed it! :)

  • 4 Jan 11

    NPC Team Universe

    Figure: Class E A big show! I saw Dana Lynn Bailey become the first women’s physique pro!

  • 6 Jan 11

    USA Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique and Bikini Championships

    Figure: Class E (11th) Decided after this show to try bikini division

  • 1 Jan 11

    NPC Pacific USA

    Bikini: Class E (2nd) First try at bikini. Still getting the poses down. As, a new division it wasn’t as consistent as it is now.

  • 9 Jan 11

    IFBB North American

    Bikini: Class D (10th) Fish national bikini show and placed in the top 10!

  • 10 Jan 11


    Bikini: Class E Not my best, a long season, and I had a fever. Can’t win ’em all. Had an awesome time with friends!

  • 2012
  • 10 Jan 12

    2012 NPC Junior USA

    Bikini: Bikini E (11th) One of my best looks so far. I was happy with the package I brought to the stage. Maybe a little too muscular, so back to figure it is.

  • 11 Jan 12

    NPC Southern California

    Figure: Class E (2nd)   Jumped into this show 2 days before hand! I actually placed second!

  • 12 Jan 12

    NPC USA Championships

    Figure: Class E (7th) 7/28/12 Back to the national scene as a figure girl.

  • 2013
  • 9 Jun 13

    NPC Atlantic States

    Figure: Class D (1st) I didn’t get called out right away. They took the first five compared them and then pulled me out from the side and put me right in the middle.

  • 14 Jun 13

    NPC Pittsburgh Championships

    Figure: Class D (2nd) A huge local show! Had a great time with the girls I met there!

  • 21 Jun 13

    NPC JR Nationals

    Figure: Class E (2nd) Missed my pro card by 1 placing. A lot of pressure for the next one!

  • 13 Jul 13

    NPC Team Universe

    Figure: Class E (1st) earned pro card BEST DAY EVER! I finally did it!

  • 7 Sep 13

    IFBB Tournament of Champions

    Figure (10th) My Pro Debut! I was so happy just to be on stage with all the women I had looked up to for so many years.

  • 2014
  • 3 May 14

    IFBB Pittsburgh Pro

    Figure My first show of the year.

  • 10 May 14

    IFBB Dallas Europa

    Figure 5/10/14 Loved this show, despite almost being swept up in a tornado!

  • 24 May 14

    IFBB California State

    Figure My final show of the year. My husband came with me, and we went to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary after the show with an awesome dinner!

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